Our coaches will bring the workout and equipment to you. You can do the workout anywhere you like.


We work with your time. We are available from 5AM to 9PM Mon-Sun

MEAL PLAN Consulting

We provide general meal plans to help you achieve your goal effectively.

We design the workout programs that fit your goal and your ability.



What FIT FIGURE offers:

  • personal trainers and equipment right in the comfort of your own home!

  • training programs that are tailored to your needs

  • one to one and group workouts. 

All in the privacy of your personal space.

Just think of that ideal situation of never having to find your way to and from the gym not having to haul that heavy gym bag around with you and eliminating the need to spend time in overcrowded, sometimes unclean changing rooms. Using your very own personal trainer workout sessions, you can fit your exercise in when it suits you, whatever time of the day or night works best for you.


Regardless of age, stamina or ability, we have assisted hundreds of happy customers in the improvement of their fitness and this has a direct effect on their live improvement in general.


And now, it is your time to finally achieve your lifetime fitness goal.



Hi, I am Ken!


Certified Personal Trainer

My mission is to empower individuals to become the most capable, the most healthy and most happy versions of themselves! I have a personal trainer certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a special needs exercise certification and an Army Combat Fitness Test Grader certification.

Over many years I have worked with veterans, service members, seniors, weight loss clients, clients with limited and special needs. I have been able to develop a customized program to help each and every one of them to reach their goals. Regardless of age, gender or ability anyone can be successful provided that they commit 100% to their goals and follow our guidelines.

If you want to bring out the best version of yourself, get an energy boost and find new confidence then give us a call and we will walk you through the whole journey to achieve your lifetime fitness goals.