Hitting your desired fitness goals is not always a simple task. It is important to have the knowledge of exercise, being able to find the time for fitness and above all, remaining eager about your exercise. These challenges can cause a trip to the gym to become much more stressful than it needs to be and can hinder your goals. If you are keen to become more fit or to lose weight, now is the time to try a new approach. With FIT FIGURE you can see the results that you are looking for.



































There are so many reasons that FIT FIGURE can benefit you, but most importantly:

  • We listen to our clients: customizing each work out to meet individual goals.

  • We strive off motivation: Our personal trainers encourage and motivate whilst remaining consistent and structured.

  • Our fitness programs will give you the responsibility of being accountable for what you achieve.

  • We help you to create a healthy and positive new lifestyle.

  • You will see the results. Why waste time on programs that don't show an improvement? At FIT FIGURE our trainers will make certain that you see guaranteed results. A fitness program that is created with you in mind that matches your own strengths and abilities and will help you to get to the goals you have set.

  • Full records are kept of each of your workouts so that the program can be reassessed every 10 weeks ensuring that it is always suitable for you.

  • No matter what your previous experience, even if you are just starting out with fitness, we can help! For those new to fitness, it can be difficult to know where to begin; we are able to introduce beginners into fitness in an effective and enjoyable way, all the while delivering a good knowledge of fitness. Once a good base has been established, we can then bring you on to more advanced techniques.

  • Workouts which are personal to you; with FIT FIGURE you have the bonus of being able to have your workouts in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you choose-perhaps the park or at the office. We offer group sessions so that you can work out with people close to you or you can opt for our highly personalized one to one workouts which we base totally around your personal goals and abilities. This ensures that you get the best result possible.

  • Does it bore you when you find yourself following the same routine at every workout? Using FIT FIGURE, you will find a new workout every time. This is an excellent way to remain motivated.

  • Equipment: our state of the art equipment will always arrive in a clean and fully working condition.

  • When we work out, the brain releases hormones known as endorphins, these hormones can be responsible for feeling happier, less stressed and much more positive.

  • Weight management-by taking part in our tailored workouts, you will be easily able to burn calories, therefore quickly reaching your goals.

  • It has been scientifically proven that exercise builds up your internal health and immune system, therefore giving you much more energy and assisting your body in being able to fight off disease, infection, and illness.

It doesn't matter what reasons you have for wanting to begin a new fitness journey-we can help you in making a start!

Tone Up At Work

"Three days a week, I spend an hour workout with my coach during the break. I feel more energized and active." - Laura.


Outdoor Workout

"I really enjoy working out at my neighborhood park in the morning."- Tony.


Workout at Home- Why Not?